a little bit of shoreditch, a little bit of silverlake.                                                                                                     we are silverditch.

they met in london in 2007. they lived in shoreditch + shopped on brick lane every weekend. they had a blast. jackie moved to silverlake in 2009 after hearing all about it from jenna (jenna IS the coolhunter of life). jackie missed jenna + shoreditch but they kept in touch + shared so many ideas over the years. jenna came to LA to visit jackie. they decided it was time to bring the 2 places they loved so much together. thus was born, silverditch.

in addition to shoreditch + silverlake they are inspired by ombre, sunsets, nature, animals, neons, prints, coffee, arts, crafts, music, design, love, pain, brick lane, music, ramen, the sea, the stars, the moon, galaxies, pumpkin spice + 90210.


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